How to Make Monster Mud

Think your Halloween extravaganza decorations are scary enough? Think again, because no Halloween decorations are complete without the scariest, dirtiest decoration of them all: Halloween monster mud! In the post below, we walk you through a step-by-step process of how to create the best, most real-looking monster mud there is!

First thing’s first! You’ll need the following supplies: a bunch of drywall joint compound, exterior latex paint, a drill mixer bit, and a bucket. Gather those things together to get started. We’ll wait!

Okay, now that you’ve gotten all the supplies together, here’s how you make the truly scariest monster mud ever!

Step 1: Open your drywall joint compound and scoop a good amount out into a bucket, as much as you think you will need for your monster mud, keeping in mind that the solution will end up being five parts joint compound and one part exterior paint. A spackle tool or a putty knife is helpful here, as it will be thick and a bit difficult to work with. It’s also helpful to pull on some latex gloves, as the monster mud might stain your skin! We’re not saying that a little creepy, stained skin wouldn’t be a good thing for Halloween, but you might want to be more careful about how you obtain it!

Step 2: Open up your exterior latex paint and eyeball the correct amount into the bucket, keeping in mind again that it should be about five parts compound to one part paint. If you go a little heavy on either, it’s not the end of the world, as you are, after all, making monster mud! The paint can be any color you want for the monster mud, but obviously, darker colors work best; you can even mix color into base latex paint.

Step 3: Take your drill mixer bit and go to town! Okay, seriously though, start mixing the solution in the bucket until your monster mud is smooth and even. Keep in mind that you probably want to make sure you have your latex gloves on, as it will get messy. Also remember that the solution is going to be thick and hard to mix, so take your time with it. If the mixture is sticking, feel free to put the drill on pause and grab a paint mixer to make sure everything is getting together evenly.

Step 4: You’re done! When the Halloweeny, creepy mixture reaches a point you’re happy with, you’re good. The monster mud can be applied to Halloween props like paint, just brush it on exactly as you want and then let it dry. It’ll take about a day or so to dry fully.

Storage tip: you can keep your extra mud in the bucket, sealed with a cap, and it can last for months!

We hope you enjoyed reading this post on how to make Halloween monster mud and that you have the scariest, dirtiest, monster muddiest Halloween ever!

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