What kind of paint can you use?

Anything that is latex based.  We like DryLoc, which is masonry water proofer; you are also able to tint it with other latex based paints.  DryLoc has sand already in it, so you can get that stone feel.

Can you use spray paint?

Not unless you have put on several coats of latex based paint.  Always test an area that won’t be noticeable first.  Spray paint and oil based paints will melt the foam.

What is monster mud?

Monster mud is drywall mud mixed with latex paint.  We use it for covering the seams of the slabs after gluing.  There are several recipes on the internet for several different applications.

Do you all do other items besides tombstones?

Yes we have done signs for business and haunted attractions. If you have any questions for a project send us an e-mail and we will design it up and quote a price at that time.

How large can I get something?

We are able to carve 4’x8’ sheets.  The largest box we have on hand is 48”x24”x24”, so we like to try to stay under those dimensions. However, we can order larger boxes which will add a week to the timeframe.

Can I get a tombstone finished?

Yes we will glue, mud, paint the tombstones and add the hold down kit to the order. 

How long does it normally take before a product ships?

Usually 3-5 days, depending on the size of the order and/or during the busy season (Aug-Oct) 1-4weeks

 Will I be sent a preview picture prior to carving?

Yes! If you haven’t received a preview within 48 hours of placing your order please look in your spam folder. (Sometimes we get sorted into that) We will make as many changes as needed to get the look our customer is wanting.  Once the design is approved then we will start carving.

Why are there lines on my tombstones?

We use FOAMULAR 150 extruded polystyrene (XPS) rigid foam insulation or otherwise known as Pink Foam.  Since the original reason for this foam is insulation, the foam has cut lines to make it easier for construction.  We do try to add monster mud to cover these up and make it easier for our customers to be able to glue and paint.

Can I see some pictures?

We have a gallery on our Facebook page.  www.facebook.com/woodloom

We are also on amazon; put WoodLoom in your search box.

May I change the embellishment?

Yes!  Our Website has example embellishments just let us know if you would like something else and we will try and design it up for you.


We love to see pictures with our customer’s tombstones in action so please send those pictures to props@woodloom.com or add them to our Facebook page!