forYOUbyYOU We believe every prop has a story, and YOU are the best person to tell that story.  We believe, you should be in charge of the creative process. The people at WoodLoom understand your needs, because we share them. Our line of tombstones came directly from a lack of finding quality props.  We got tired of the same ole' white styrofoam stone that only lasted a year, if we were lucky.  We wanted something custom that would help tie the theme of our haunt together.  We wanted to add that element of reality that a generic "RIP" or "BOO" tombstone never could.  So we developed a process that would allow us to create the type of stones we wanted, without breaking our budget.  We are here to help you design and get the props you need!

Celtic Cross
Standard 10" spacing On all our stones from the 20" Standard to the 35" wide, insures fast easy setup and reconfiguration. Internal Channels Cut to fit 1/2 inch PVC pipe be used with steal 3/8" rebar stakes. The stakes hold it in place and the PVC protects the foam. Now that a hold down system that will last!



Since 2005 WoodLoom has be focused on producing product that meet our customers needs. When you order from us you get personal attention, and expert advice on every design.

Just like a real tombstone, you get to pick the size and shape, then let us know how you would like your tombstone carved. We never charge extra for setup, designs, or refinements.

We even thought of the small details. We took the frustrations we had with the mass produced cheap tombstones and worked to solve them.


Totally Customized And and your in control.

Want a different size or shape?

Just contact us with picture, sketch, doodle or description and we will make it for you.